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 Scott Landis' two best friends Russell and Lincoln decide he needs some excitement in his life and throw him a surprise birthday party.  He'd suffer the effects of too many drinks tomorrow morning if he didn't make his excuses pretty soon.  Besides, he's losing interest in the festivities.


His boredom is cut short when raunchy stripper music livens up the low keyed party and his special birthday gift arrives in the form of a sexy blond stripper.  It had been a long time since he felt this instant attraction to a woman, especially a female who makes her living entertaining men.  When a lacy red garter brushes his cheek and he catches the scent of hot female, he decides to have a little fun.  After all, it is his birthday and wonders how much she would charge to celebrate his birthday in a more private setting.



Julie Keaton is an attractive widow raising two children on her own.  She never accepted her husband's death was an accident.  It's a never ending challenge keeping a roof over their heads but she's proud of what she's been able to provide for her children.

Her life takes a dramatic change when she agrees to do a last minute favor for her sister who runs a catering and party specialty business.  Mardi's best friend's father is turning 85 and they've planned a special birthday party.  Julie is to pop out of a birthday cake, do an exaggerated bump and grind and faux strip tease.  It's an easy $200.00 for a half hour's work.  She reluctantly agrees.  The money will put a dent in her 14 year old son's orthodontist bill.


Julie's half hour of easy money turns into a nightmare when the banquet staff inadvertently pushes the cake into the wrong party.  The birthday boy is no geriatric senior citizen but a virile, handsome male no older than 35!.