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Launching October 17

Key of Silence

Book 4 in the Key Series up for pre-order.  

Irene Hennypenny’s world has been silent since she was eleven years old.  She can speak and is proficient at lip reading. Bell, her hearing dog, is her constant companion. She’s been anxious to receive her birthday “key” and riddle.  Knowing her sister’s difficult challenges, she’s anticipating a troublesome task.  Her apprehension spikes when part of her riddle tells her to listen…but she’s deaf.   


It had all come down to her key quest. Would they really find a treasure?


Christian McBride is a fire marshal in Beacon Point and a widower, raising Evie, his six-year-old daughter.  The small fires an arsonist started, have escalated to businesses in the old part of town. When a body is discovered in the basement of an antique shop, he’s further challenged when he learns the building had once been owned by a distant relative.  

When he’s asked to be a groomsman at his best friend’s wedding, he’s partnered with Irene Hennypenny, one of the most fascinating women he’s ever met. Little did either of them realize their “future” was decided by generations from past lives.


Be sure to read the first three books. 

All of the books have gotten five stars.


Beacon of Thanks

Coming, November 8th!
Kringle All the Way -
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Freja Sorenson is content running 2 Sisters Kringle and Fudge, their family business in Dickens.  She decides to rent out the back apartment in her big Victorian home. She’s taken aback when the man who once held a special place in her heart wants to rent the space. Once a loving couple, she suffered his betrayal when he shared her secret ingredient with her biggest contender in her culinary school’s distinguished bake-off.

Can she forgive him for his betrayal?

Axel Frost became mother and father to his two young granddaughters after their parents were tragically killed.  He moved Holly and Ivy to Dickens for a fresh start and opened a hobby shop, Trains, Planes, and Automobiles.  When the house he’s renting is sold, two weeks before Christmas, Axel is desperate to find them a new home.

His best friends told him about a great apartment, but he’s leery when he learns his landlord will be Freja Sorenson.  Together for five months, she unexpectedly ended their loving relationship. After all these years, he’s determined to find out why she broke his heart.

Is it possible Christmas is a time for forgiveness and maybe a second chance at love?


                You met Freja, Karla’s sister in The Bells of St. Dickens.

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